7 comments on “Most Times You Don’t Have to Go Far……

  1. Your photography is wonderful. I just found you this am. I wish it had been sooner! Nan (my wife) an I are loving the expansion of the papermill trail ! Another short, but nice, hike (no water here though) is at Cox pinacle in Brunswick. This spring there were (now gone by) lots of Lady slippers.
    Have a great day.

    • Thanks for visiting my site. I wish I would’ve known about the ladyslippers, I haven’t photographed any in a few years.

      • I have you bookmarked you and really appreciate your site. I am a driver for Savage (safe handling) in the spring, right on Twin road good ole Auburn Maine, ( well, after our gate on Twin road) there will be clumps of lady slippers 5 or 6 together. It seems odd that they would be right next to the road, but it is a wet area. I’ll keep you posted next spring. We went to Acadia in June and I got my first look at yellow lady slippers, pretty cool, I didn’t know they came in yellow ! Take care.

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