7-11-15 Night Sky and Black Eyed Susans

Sometimes plans don’t go according to plan. I originally had the idea of taking photos of the milky way with black eyed susans as a foreground subject. Well, the lights of Freeport and clouds washed that idea out. Instead I just pointed the camera to a darker section of sky (the west) and got this photo instead. This image is a focus stack of two photos, one focused on the sky, the other on the foreground flowers and blended in Photoshop.  The sky exposure was 25 seconds at f2.8, ISO 1600 and the flowers, 30 secs @ f2.8 and the same ISO but for the flowers I used my headlamp to skim light onto them. The lens was the Canon 16-35 2.8L on my 7D Mark II.  After shooting the daisys I learned not much light is needed, I just move the light across the flowers for about a second or two. I discovered if you shine the light for too long on one area you tend to get a too bright, spotlight effect. I like the way the long sky exposure cause the clouds to streak adding a little something extra to the photo.

6-24-15 Sabattus River Daisys

The other night the northern lights were visible in Maine. I wasn’t out with my camera that night but I read some Facebook chatter the lights were going to make another appearance on Wednesday night. When I got out of work I grabbed my camera and took a drive to Sabattus River, the aurora was a no show but I did get this image of a batch of daisys. There was a half moon out so the milky way didn’t show up as brilliantly as it did last Friday. This time of year and the time of night I was out, the milky way shows up best looking south, I was looking north hoping to spot the northern lights. As for the daisys, I used my headlamp to skim a little light onto the blossoms.

10-16-13 Milkweed Seed on BES


I finally got a chance to go out and do some photography the other day. I took a walk in the back forty and found this late blooming black eyed susan. Even though they usually bloom in July and August I’ve found if an area is shaded they bloom a lot later. That’s the case where I took this photo, the area is in the shade most of the day. The area also has a ton of milkweeds and all the seed pods are bursting open and releasing their seeds, this seed happened to be caught on the flower blossom.

7-3-13 Moneywort V

The rainy conditions from Monday continued into Tuesday and kept on going until this morning so I decided to go back to the Papermill Trail to photograph the moneyworts again. As you can see the water level is higher than it was Monday (compared to the last post), it’s rare for it to be this high this time of year. Normally, where the water is flowing, it’s bone dry in July. The yellow blossoms may grow there every year  but I think the water flowing around them makes for a more interesting picture than if the rocks were dry and a harsh gray.


7-3-13 Moneywort Blossoms


7-1-13 Moneywort at Sabattus River2


I’ve been to Sabattus River hundreds of times through the years and it doesn’t matter how many times I go, there is always something new to photograph. These moneywort blossoms are growing just off the Papermill Trail in Lisbon Falls. It was raining when I took this picture yesterday, I got wet and the camera got wet but I think it was worth it. Another advantage with the rain, I had the whole trail to myself.