Dripping Branches


I took this photo from my deck, we had a snow storm yesterday and this morning was kind of warm and sunny. I liked the way the sun backlit the branches with the melting snow and falling water droplets. A slow shutter speed caused the droplets to streak and show movement.

07-08-12 Loon and Bill SplashHere’s another loon photo from last summer which was never posted. I’m looking forward to photographing loons again this summer. Allowing comments is back on, I subscribed to a service that blocks SPAM from reaching me so hopefully it’ll work out and I can once again enjoy legitimate comments.



Lika a lot of different sites I’m posting some of the favorite photos I took during 2012. They’re posted in the order I took them

This chickadee was photographed in my yard in the beginning of June.

This crab spider was taken in my yard also, about ten feet away from where the chickadee was photographed.

In June I booked a trip to photograph puffins on Machias Seal Island. I took a few hundred photos the two days I was there and this is my favorite because it exhibits behavior that you don’t see too often.

During my puffin trip I took a drive to Lubec and was rewarded with this photo of an eagle launching off the back rail of the lobster boat.

During the month of July I did a lot of photographing of loons and this is my favorite because of the unusual perspective.

I took this at Reid State Park, it’s 4 images stitched together to make this panoramic. I like the interesting cloud formation that leads the eye to the rising sun.

This is another image taken at Reid State Park a few weeks after the previous photo. It shows if you go at the right time you can have the whole beach to yourself.

This picture was taken in September. I’ve been to Sabattus River hundreds of times but this is the first time at night. Shooting stars at night is a new technique for me and I liked the way this came out.

Hope everyone has a great 2013 and I look forward to posting new photos throughout the year.

A couple of weeks ago I went outside at dusk and heard something tromping through the woods in the backyard. It turned out to be about eight or nine turkeys looking for a place to roost. When they found some big pines they liked they launched into the air to get to the upper tree limbs. They sure aren’t delicate, they sounded like tanks trying to get to the top branches. Last Monday I took a walk into the woods after a night of rain and I found this lone turkey feather that one of them dropped.

I recently watched an online, how to video on shooting the milkyway. Last night before going to bed I went out on my deck and the sky was cloudless, I figured it was a good night to try the technique. This is the very first exposure I took. The yellow cast on the white pine is from a nearby street light. All I did was set my ISO to 1600, aperture was put at f2.8 and shutter speed was at thirty seconds, longer than 30 seconds and the stars start to streak. It’s too dark to focus so I put the lens on manual focus, set it to infinity and rolled it back just a bit. Because of the relatively high ISO and long exposure I had the noise reduction on my camera turned on. The camera was on my tripod and a cable release was used. I think for a first time try it came out pretty good. Now that I’ve been successful I’ll be doing this technique again in better locations, especially this winter when we have crystal clear nights.


I just learned about this on the local news. A webcam went active today showing live puffins.  Click here “Live Puffin Cam” to go to the streaming cam. If you see some black headed birds with a white stripe going from the bill to below the eye, those are razorbills. Once you’re on the site there is also a link for a cam in a nest burrow. Check it out.










There was freezing rain New Year’s Eve so when I got up Sunday morning everything had a coating of ice on it. The temps warmed up so I went out in the yard mid morning and the ice was starting to melt. The droplets were hanging off all the pine needles so I aimed my macro lens at this one and snapped the photo. There is no snow on the ground so the yellow background is the sun shining on my neighbors lawn, which appears upside down if you look closely  at the drop.