I went out last night attempting to photograph the northern lights and this is what I got. The forecast was saying the chances were good to see the borealis this far south. This is facing north and the milky way goes through the center of the image, the milky way center is behind me. I’m pretty sure the light swirls above the trees are clouds but the angled light area in the upper right hand corner could be the aurora. Underwhelming really. I took a bunch of photos and this is the only one with that light spot on the upper right. Fort Kent in far northern Maine would’ve been the place to be to get some good images. If you look closely at the right center of the image, just above the clouds, you can see the Andromeda galaxy.



Here is the back of the blind I built. It’s about four feet tall and the back wall section is about three feet wide, the walls come apart, so if I wanted to move it I could easily disassemble it, they’re held together by carriage bolts and wingnuts. I decided to not put a roof on it, right now it’s just a piece of plywood temporarily set on top. The only reason the concrete blocks are on it is because the plywood was warped so I use the blocks to weigh it down and keep it flat. I stapled some tarpaper to the top plywood to keep it waterproof. The sides also have been watersealed so they’ll stay water resistant.



This is the front to show the opening where I stick the lens through. I put some camo screening over the opening so it makes it easy to see through, because it’s brighter outside, it hides my movements somewhat. I just cut slits in the screen to allow the lens to get through. The first day I was sitting in the blind a chickadee landed on the end of the lens but it saw me through the screen and quickly flew off.



Here’s what it looks like looking through the door with the camera set up and ready to shoot.

The first part of this post was written two years ago when I first built the blind, it’s been in my draft folder since and I had forgotten about it, so it’s been two years since I set it outside. The blind has worked well for me and a lot of the photos I’ve taken from inside have been posted on here. The only problem I’ve had is the siding did not fair well with the weather. I used luan plywood, luan is actually used as a floor underlayment, I used it because it was thin and light and I wanted to keep the weight down in case I needed to move it. I thought by waterproofing it, it would help with the weather but over time that didn’t prove to be true. After two years, there are things I realize I could do to improve the blind, so this summer I plan on building another and applying the modifications. This version cost less than 50 dollars to construct, I’m sure the next one will cost more since lumber has gone up in price and I plan on making it a little larger and  using a more durable plywood. I’ll take photos of the construction process.

5-25-14 Blooming Apple Trees

5-25-14 Blooming Apple Trees2


After a long hiatus it’s time to get back to posting on a regular basis. The local apple orchards are in full bloom right now so I took a ride Sunday afternoon to one of them and photographed the blooming trees. One of the more enjoyable experiences of this day was the sweet, spicy aroma of the apple blossoms filling the air as I wandered the orchard.

7-14-13 Baby Loon Under Wing


After taking the first photo I posted of the baby loon and the adult I decided to leave the loons alone and paddled off. I got about a hundred yards away but decided to turn around and it’s a good thing I did. I noticed the baby wasn’t swimming around the adult any longer, when I put my lens to my eye I saw a bump on the adults back. As you can see by the photos, it was the youngster hitching a ride. Most of the photos I took, the little one was sleeping.