I went to Sabattus River Friday morning to photograph some wildflowers and I found this dew covered web. The yellow in the background are out of focus goldenrods. The breeze had picked up when I photographed this so I had to use a shallow aperture to get a faster shutter speed to stop the movement of the web.

The crab spider from Friday’s post has been hanging around on the lupine all weekend. I’ve been checking everyday and this morning I saw it got what it was waiting for.

Lying in Wait…..

I took this photo about half an hour ago in my yard. I went out to get some close up photos of the lupines growing there. Sometimes I get lucky when I take pictures and find something that adds a little more interest to a flower photo. Like this crab spider waiting for a fly.

I found this crab spider on the fleabane blossoms in front of my house this past summer. Compared to the other postings of crab spiders this one blends in well with the flowers it’s sitting on.
On a different note, I had to turn off comments on this site. I enjoy reading comments from legitimate commenters but I have been inundated with spam comment postings. If I learn of a way I can stop the spam from getting into my comment box I’ll turn the feature back on.

Waiting For Prey

I found this crab spider on one of my bearded irises this past weekend. These spiders have the ability to change from yellow to white. If it’s on a white or yellow blossom they’re well camoflaged but being on a purple fower it sticks out like a sore thumb.