Maine Birds

7-14-13 Baby Loon and Mother


The last photo of the three loons I posted was taken last year. I went out for the first time this year  and took four hundred photos of various loons and I think I took some of my best loon pics to date. This is one of the photos I came away with. The mother had dived under the surface to look for fish and left the baby swimming on the surface. I took a few shots of the small one by itself and I kept the lens pointed at it because I figured the mother would pop up near the young one, sure enough she did. The water dripping off the bill adds a little more interest to the photo.

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more.

4-22-13 Turkey Headshot


I set a personal record for myself yesterday, I spent four straight hours in my blind and took 175 photographs, of course not all are keepers. A couple of turkeys showed up while I was in there, the first one figured out I was inside and didn’t hang around. About an hour later another one showed up and I was able to get this headshot from about eight feet away.

3-31-13 Turkey Headshot


3-31-13 Turkey Headshot2


I’ve been feeding turkeys in my yard since mid-winter. They are very cautious and not easy to get close to. Finally last Sunday I was sitting in my blind and a group of them showed up to feed on the cracked corn I put out. They were too close to get body shots but as you can see; plenty close to get decent headshots. They show up daily and yesterday after feeding they were in the woods about a hundred feet from the house and a couple of the males were puffed up and strutting, trying to impress the females. That’s my next challenge, getting a photo of that behavior.

I went back to Sabattus River the next day after shooting the running water the evening before. I wanted to get more photos of compositions that I didn’t get a chance to do because the sun had set and I ran out of light, I could not see to focus. While I was shooting the running water this sandpiper showed up so I put on my telephoto lens and snapped some shots while it was foraging for food.  I’m pretty sure it’s a sandpiper, I looked in the field guide to try to positively identify it but I saw no photos that were an exact match. It may be a juvenile.

A group of shore birds feeding along the waters edge on Mile Beach at Reid. Although the photo looks black and white it’s actually in color. I’m not up on shore bird identification so I’m not sure what kind of birds these are, they could be sanderlings. Guess I’ll have to get out the bird guide and figure it out.