Maine Animals


This baby seal was on Willard Beach in Portland on Saturday and we almost walked into it before spotting it.  The mother wasn’t around but hopefully it wasn’t abandoned. The weather wasn’t very sunny so there weren’t too many people wandering about so the little guy wasn’t being harrassed and it seemed like all he wanted to do was nap. It was tough getting a photo with the eyes open and all I had with me was my point and shoot camera.

5-6-13 Peeking Squierrel


The other day I noticed my cat sitting at the base of a tree staring up at a hole about four feet off the ground. Last week he caught a red squirrel so when I saw him staring up at that hole I figured it must be a squirrel nest. A few days earlier I had seen three small ones playing in the upper part of the same tree. I shooed the cat away and put my ear to the hole and could hear some scurrying around so I knew for sure it was a  nest. Yesterday while doing some yard work I looked up and noticed this little guy sticking his head out of the hole. I got my camera and went back out but when I got close of course the squirrel went back into the hole. I stood in one spot for an hour and half to get this photo. I hope the cat doesn’t get him too.

4-30-13 Painted Turtles

4-30-13 Three Painted turtles

4-30-13 Single Painted Turtle


I went kayaking on the Sabattus River on Tuesday afternoon, the temps were warm and the painted turtles were everywhere. I must’ve seen 65 to 70 sunning themselves on the shore, on rocks and fallen logs. A lot of them would slip back into the water as I paddled past but a few turned out to be less skittish, those are the ones I photographed. I only bothered to photograph the ones where the water was  the background, I also saw a couple of snapping turtles but they were submerged and I wasn’t able to get a picture. The only bad part about this paddle is I lost my brand new pair of polarized sunglasses that I just purchased at LL Bean, it was the first time I used them, now they rest on the bottom of the river.




On my drive up to Lubec last month I noticed this snapper on the side of the road. It turned out to be a female getting ready to lay eggs. The third image shows how close to the road she was.

One Eyed Woodchuck

This woodchuck was in the field across the street yesterday. You can’t tell from this photo but this chuck only had one eye, his left one is bad. I went out again this morning and got a few photos of his “bad” side. I’ll post it at a later date.