2014 Calendar Cover


I am now taking orders for my 2014 Maine Nature Calendar.  It features photos of various Maine wildlife and landscapes. The cost  this year will be 12 dollars, same as last year. If you’re interested send me an e-mail to reserve a copy. If it needs to be shipped, add $3.50 shipping fee.

7-14-13 Baby Loon and Mother


The last photo of the three loons I posted was taken last year. I went out for the first time this year  and took four hundred photos of various loons and I think I took some of my best loon pics to date. This is one of the photos I came away with. The mother had dived under the surface to look for fish and left the baby swimming on the surface. I took a few shots of the small one by itself and I kept the lens pointed at it because I figured the mother would pop up near the young one, sure enough she did. The water dripping off the bill adds a little more interest to the photo.

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more.

Obviously this is not a perfect head shot but I wanted to show how some loons are tolerant and get pretty close.There were two that were swimming toward me so I just let the kayak drift while I had my lens pointed at them. They got closer and closer and we ended up having a slow speed collision and my kayak bumped one. The one I bumped did that loon dance thing and reared up and ran across the water flapping it’s wings and doing the crazy loon call. I thought that was something they only do when courting but I guess they do it too when they’re irked.

Like with the puffins, after photographing the same subject for a while I tend to look for more behavioral type shots. The first image shows how loons fish, they stick their head in the water and just cruise along searching for a fish.

I was panning with my lens waiting for this loon to bring it’s head up so I could catch the water dripping off the bill. I have some images where there is more water dripping but the overall shot wasn’t sharp, this was the sharpest of the batch. None of the loons I watched doing this came up with a meal. My next challenge will be getting a photo of a loon with a fish in its bill.

I went out again this morning to Woodbury Pond and photographed loons. I’ve included a photo that shows a different perspective. It was stretching it’s wings and I got it from behind in mid-flap.

I hadn’t photographed loons in a few years so this morning I went to the Tacoma Lakes area with my kayak and was not disappointed.

These photos were taken on Woodbury Pond. There’s a lot of boat traffic during the day so these loons allow a close approach, they’re used to motorized watercraft so they’re not bothered at all by a kayak. There were a total of nine and a few times they would dive underwater looking for fish and pop up right next to the kayak. I was on the pond at 5 AM for sunrise so I had the whole lake to myself, the way I like it, just the loons and me.