Close Ups

Ringlet Hanging on Grass Blade

I have thousands and thousands of photographs that either sit on a hard drive or are in a filing cabinet in slide form. A very small percentage have seen the light of day, I decided to change that. Recently I’ve started working on a 30 year retrospective book project and I’ve been going through my archives, here is one the photos I found taken on Fuji Velvia film. I used to be obsessed with macro photography but in recent years I’ve strayed away from that, I think it’s about time to go back to my roots.

7-25-15 Balloon Flower

I paid another visit to Pineland farms flower garden this past weekend. I only took a few photos because the sun ended up coming out and the wind picked up. Anyone who shoots macro, wind is the macro photographers biggest enemy and I also don’t like photographing flowers in bright sunshine.

7-25-15 Coneflowers



I visited Pineland Farms this past weekend and I must say their flower garden has a profusion of blooms. Every where you turn there are splashes of color.



As you can see I tried isolating single or small groups of blossoms. For anyone who has never been there it’s worth the visit and a good place to practice your flower and close-up photography. I would say the garden area is at least an acre or more in size and the best part, it’s free to get in.


Obviously these aren’t wildflowers and usually I try to keep photos I post more on the wild side but I had to show these and let folks know about the photo oppurtunities that are available in the area.


12-25-13 Winterberries in Ice


Here’s a photo I took after last weeks ice storm. Also this is the first time I tried using photo stacking. I took four different photos at different focus points and blended them together in Photoshop. The advantage of this is it increases depth of field. I took this on Christmas day and it was a little breezy so I used a fast shutter speed to stop the movement of the berries but that gave me a shallow depth of field. All the berries would not have been in focus, combining the four images took care of the problem. There are many tutorials on Youtube that explain how to do this technique.