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Ringlet Hanging on Grass Blade

I have thousands and thousands of photographs that either sit on a hard drive or are in a filing cabinet in slide form. A very small percentage have seen the light of day, I decided to change that. Recently I’ve started working on a 30 year retrospective book project and I’ve been going through my archives, here is one the photos I found taken on Fuji Velvia film. I used to be obsessed with macro photography but in recent years I’ve strayed away from that, I think it’s about time to go back to my roots.

8-17-14 Cascade Strean BW

A couple of weeks ago Google announced they were making the Nik software suite free to download. You can’t beat free so I downloaded the software and here is one of the first images I processed using Silver Fx Pro. This image was made by opening up Silver Fx and just playing around with it. There are a lot of how to videos on Youtube that cover the use of all the different aspects of the Nik suite, I plan on watching some so I can take full advatage of the program.