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3-13-16 Popham Beach Sunrise

Here’s another example of when sometimes plans don’t go according to plan. I drove to Popham Beach for 3 AM hoping to get photos of the milkyway over Fox Island. Well, despite clear skies when I left the house there was a thin cloud cover at the coast. I did spend a couple of hours photographing the night sky because stars were still visible, I just couldn’t clearly see the milkyway. It was almost 5 Am when I decided to call it quits on the stars but figured there might be some potential for a good sunrise. The clock sprung ahead last night so the┬ásun was not due to rise until almost 7 AM. I went back to the car to kill some time, I wanted to be back on the beach by 6 because on the coast, the sky starts to brighten at least an hour before the sun actually gets above the horizon (nautical twilight). This is just one image of many I took and not necessarily the best, I’ll save that for my 2017 calendar. ┬áThis is one of those times where I was glad I decided to hang around.