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10-5-15 Otter Point Sunset

Here’s another from last autumns Acadia trip. The first evening there I was photographing by Thunder Hole but I really didn’t like the photos I was getting, the sky was kind of gray and there were a lot of people milling about. I packed up my gear and headed out on The Loop road. I hadn’t driven for 10 minutes when I noticed the sky starting to light up. I pulled off into the first turn off which happened to be Otter Point, by this time the sky was on fire. I hurried and got the camera gear back out and rushed down the trail from the parking lot to the actual point. When I got everything set up and started taking photographs this was the only color left in the sky. Lesson learned, get to a place early and stick it out.

10-6-15 Big Dipper over Jordan Pond

Acadia National Park can be a very busy place during the fall, making this image was the only time I had the whole area to myself. It shows that it is possible to find solitude in one of the busiest national parks in the country, you just need to find the right spot and the right time of day. This is The Bubbles and Jordan Pond. I was hoping to get a picture of the milky way over The Bubbles but it happened to be straight overhead going from left to right. The photograph is a combination of two, the sky and foreground are seperate exposures. The sky was f2.8 for 30 seconds at ISO 3200 and the foreground was a ten minute exposure at ISO 1600. It was very breezy on this particular evening, causing ripples in the water, so the stars were not reflected on the pond surface.