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10-7-15 Boulder Beach Sunrise

Here’s another Acadia photo taken at sunrise on Boulder Beach. The name is informal, you won’t find it on any maps but this beach has turned into an iconic spot for photographers and it’s way “over” photographed now. The morning I was there, there were 5 others. One of the photographers I follow on Facebook was there the following week and said there were two dozen photographers on the beach. I would’ve left. I remember my first visit in the 90’s I had the whole area to myself for hours. The one thing I had forgotten was how small the beach actually is, most folks photograph it with wide angle lenses giving the illusion of a much larger area. I just can’t imagine two dozen photographers in that small space.

Here’s a short time lapse video I made the other night. My whole plan was to make one photograph with star trails, which I did, and I’ll post that photo at another time. Since I had the photos I figured I’d play around in Photoshop and put together a video. It’s a compilation of 90 images and it’s 45 minutes condensed to under 4 seconds. The video would’ve been longer but I got cold and some clouds were moving in so I called it a night. The flashes of light are headlights of cars going by in the disatance,