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10-7-15 Cadillac Mtn Sunset

This photo was taken on top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. I had never been to the top before despite being in Acadia a few times. I must say it was the least favorite part of my trip. In the past, just about every photo I’ve seen taken from the top of the mountain does not include people so it gives the feeling of solitude. Well, that’s far from reality. The top of the mountain has three or four parking lots and I actually had to drive around a bit to find a place to park, it was like being at the mall. After parking you discover there are hundreds of people milling about all over the place, far from the solitude you’d thought you’d encounter. This photo was taken at sunset so I’m sure at sunrise there would be less people, not everyone is an early bird. On the drive back down I pulled over at one point and walked a little way off the road and I found this spot which I had all to myself, so for a little while I could imagine I had the whole mountain to myself. You could also say I’m just as guilty as all the photographers before me by posting this photo, I’m contributing to the myth of peace and quiet on top of the mountain.

10-6-15 Three Photographers

This past week I spent three days in Acadia National Park, I had been there before but it had been nearly 20 years, the purpose of the visit was to get new images for my upcoming calendar. The park offers a wide variey of photo subjects, from forests to mountain views to sea side cliffs and everything in between. On Tuesday I went to Otter Point to photograph the sunset and the crashing waves, hurricane Joaquin was far out to sea but was causing some very high surf. I took a lot of images of the waves crashing against the rocks, some of which I’ll post at a later date. At one point I turned around and saw some fellow photographers taking pictures of the sunset from a different vantage point. I thought the three folks and the unique cloud above would make for a nice compostion and this the photo I came away with.