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6-21-13 Vaughn Brook


I visited Vaughan Woods in Hallowell for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t know the place existed.  I was impressed with the easy access and the well kept trails. I didn’t have my camera on my first visit so I went back last week. The rocky brook reminds me of the type of streams that can be found in western Maine where the terrain is rockier like in Grafton Notch State Park. There are three stone bridges like the one in the top photo, I only photographed this one because by the time I made my way upstream to the other two the sun had come out. I prefer overcast lighting conditions when photographing moving water, it’s easier to get the silky effect. The bottom photo is of the same falls and bridge but from a more straight on angle and I decided to try black and white. I plan on going back real soon to take more photos and I think this area would be beautiful in the fall when the leaves have changed.

6-23-13 Vaughn Brook BW

6-24-13 Super Sun


Friday I was at Reid State Park photographing the pond of waterlilies. Monday I went back to photograph the sunrise, it was very humid so the sun rose as a red ball. The rugosa roses are in full bloom so after taking a photo facing east I pointed my camera west to include a small batch of roses and Mile Beach. The full moon was also setting and can be seen through the humid air.


6-24-13 Reid Mile Beach and Roses