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4-22-13 Turkey Headshot


I set a personal record for myself yesterday, I spent four straight hours in my blind and took 175 photographs, of course not all are keepers. A couple of turkeys showed up while I was in there, the first one figured out I was inside and didn’t hang around. About an hour later another one showed up and I was able to get this headshot from about eight feet away.

02-15-13 Female Downy Woodpecker


02-15-13 Male Hairy Woodpecker


The downy and the hairy woodpeckers are common visitors to my suet feeder. The top photo shows a female downy woodpecker which has a shorter bill than the hairy and is a little smaller. The bottom photo is a male hairy woodpecker, the males of both species have a red spot on the back of the head. These photos were relatively easy to get, I just stood out by the feeder for about an hour one afternoon until they got used to me. When they come in they don’t go directly to the suet but land in the trees nearby. I took the photos when they were in the nearby trees. They actually let me get to within ten feet and the photos are much more natural than if I would’ve waited till they were on the suet. In case you didn’t notice I’ve gone with a new look for the blog, I’ll be experimenting with different themes until I find something I like.

3-31-13 Turkey Headshot


3-31-13 Turkey Headshot2


I’ve been feeding turkeys in my yard since mid-winter. They are very cautious and not easy to get close to. Finally last Sunday I was sitting in my blind and a group of them showed up to feed on the cracked corn I put out. They were too close to get body shots but as you can see; plenty close to get decent headshots. They show up daily and yesterday after feeding they were in the woods about a hundred feet from the house and a couple of the males were puffed up and strutting, trying to impress the females. That’s my next challenge, getting a photo of that behavior.