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2-24-13 Mourning Dove in Snow


Here’s a mourning dove I photographed during the snow storm on the same day as the blue jay. I get the doves all the time but have never been able to get a decent photograph because they are so skittish. The doves are one of the reasons I built the blind. In the past I would just stand by the feeder out in the open and the chickadees and nuthatches and even the woodpeckers would still come around once they got used to me. The doves would not, they would just hang in the trees until I went inside. I would never have been able to get this frame filling shot without the blind. My next challenge is to get some photographs of the turkeys that have been coming around, I think that’ll be more difficult, they are super skittish.

2-24-13 Bluejay in Snow Storm


I just spent a couple of hours sitting in my blind during this snow storm and here is one of the photos I took. For the first hour there was no action but patience paid off. I also got to photograph some birds that are very common but I don’t have any decent photos of because they’re very skittish. Stayed tuned for that.

2-14-13 Robin and Winterberries


I have a winterberry bush growing in my yard, this morning I saw this robin eating the berries. Last fall I had flocks of robins on the bush at one time. The bush happens to be right outside my bedroom window and one morning I looked out and a sharp shinned hawk had just attacked one of the robins and had it pinned to the ground. I rushed out with my camera but by the time I got outside the hawk had carried the robin off. There was nothing but a pile of feathers left. I guess it gave the robins a considerable scare because I haven’t seen any until this morning. I hope the sighting means an early spring.

Dripping Branches


I took this photo from my deck, we had a snow storm yesterday and this morning was kind of warm and sunny. I liked the way the sun backlit the branches with the melting snow and falling water droplets. A slow shutter speed caused the droplets to streak and show movement.

2-3-13 Popham Beach


This photo was taken at Popham Beach State Park recently. I hadn’t been there in a few years and I was shocked at how much it has changed.  I’ve been going there since I was a kid and there used to be grass covered dunes along the whole beach but they were gone. Apparently, a storm a few years ago wiped out all the dunes and left the area looking pretty desolate.  Back in the day, the grassy dune areas were fenced off and you had to get to the beach by following boardwalks, it was to prevent folks from walking on the grass areas and destroying them. After all, it was the grass that held the dunes together. It took Mother Nature a matter of hours to destroy it all. As you can tell by the photo above the beach is already on it’s way to a gradual recovery , the grass is slowly making a comeback. It’ll be years before it’s back to it’s former self.