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Every year I get blue jays at the feeder, they tend to be a pain because they’re gluttons. They don’t exactly eat everything at once but they do tend to fill their throat pouch with seeds then go hide it in the woods to eat at a later time. Usually they’re very cautious and when I go out, if there are any around, they scatter into the woods. Well, this year there is one that is pretty brave and doesn’t fly off when I go out. He may be brave now but it may prove to be stupidity if my cat gets him. Yesterday I sat out by the feeder for about an hour just watching the birds coming and going and the brave blue jay showed up and landed on a branch about 10 feet away and I was able to get this shot.

Last month I found a group of asters growing next to a winterberry bush. Asters close at night and most days, by the time they open in this location, the bright sun is shining on them. I don’t like photographing flowers in the sunshine so I waited till the conditions were bright overcast and less contrasty.

A couple of weeks ago I went outside at dusk and heard something tromping through the woods in the backyard. It turned out to be about eight or nine turkeys looking for a place to roost. When they found some big pines they liked they launched into the air to get to the upper tree limbs. They sure aren’t delicate, they sounded like tanks trying to get to the top branches. Last Monday I took a walk into the woods after a night of rain and I found this lone turkey feather that one of them dropped.

Stiff Asters

Last week I took a walk into the small field out back looking for flowers to photograph and I found some stiff asters growing in some moss. I thought the nice green of the moss made for a nice simple backdrop for the aster blossoms.

Sabattus River and the Big Dipper

Here’s a horizontal version of the previous photo with the shooting star. In this one if you look closely you can see the big dipper.