All posts for the month September, 2012

Last nights sky was nice and clear and I was in for the evening and watching the Patriots on Sunday Night Football. At about 10:30 I looked out the window and the stars were really bright so I decided to take a drive to one of my favorite locations to photograph; Sabattus River. I wanted to expand on the technique I tried for the first time a couple of weeks ago of photographing the stars but with a more interesting backdrop. When I got  to the river I noticed a slight mist hanging over the water, I figured it would add a little more interest to the photos. The moon was at half crescent so it added plenty of light to the scene so I didn’t have silhouettes. Even with the light of the half moon it was difficult to see through the viewfinder to compose but I did the best I could. I used the exact same camera settings as my first starry sky post, check that out to see what they were.

In the second photo you can see a shooting star just above the tree in the background, which I never saw while I was making the exposure. I was there till almost midnight and I’m pretty happy with the results for a second attempt at this technique. I’m looking forward to trying it this winter when there’s snow on the ground. Oh, by the way, I got home just in time to see the Patriots lose by a field goal.

I mentioned in the last post that I went to the river to photograph flowers. Here is one of the photos I took. It was very foggy the evening before so everything was heavily covered with dew.

I went to Sabattus River Friday morning to photograph some wildflowers and I found this dew covered web. The yellow in the background are out of focus goldenrods. The breeze had picked up when I photographed this so I had to use a shallow aperture to get a faster shutter speed to stop the movement of the web.

I recently watched an online, how to video on shooting the milkyway. Last night before going to bed I went out on my deck and the sky was cloudless, I figured it was a good night to try the technique. This is the very first exposure I took. The yellow cast on the white pine is from a nearby street light. All I did was set my ISO to 1600, aperture was put at f2.8 and shutter speed was at thirty seconds, longer than 30 seconds and the stars start to streak. It’s too dark to focus so I put the lens on manual focus, set it to infinity and rolled it back just a bit. Because of the relatively high ISO and long exposure I had the noise reduction on my camera turned on. The camera was on my tripod and a cable release was used. I think for a first time try it came out pretty good. Now that I’ve been successful I’ll be doing this technique again in better locations, especially this winter when we have crystal clear nights.


I went back to Sabattus River the next day after shooting the running water the evening before. I wanted to get more photos of compositions that I didn’t get a chance to do because the sun had set and I ran out of light, I could not see to focus. While I was shooting the running water this sandpiper showed up so I put on my telephoto lens and snapped some shots while it was foraging for food.  I’m pretty sure it’s a sandpiper, I looked in the field guide to try to positively identify it but I saw no photos that were an exact match. It may be a juvenile.