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Going to Reid during off hours you have to park at the gate and walk in. There are two parking lots after the gate, one is a third of a mile and the other is a mile away. When I got there on Sunday  it was still somewhat dark but the sky was lighting up in the east. I chose to go to the closer site because the lighting increases fast and it would’ve taken too much time to travel the mile to get to the further lot. I didn’t want to miss out on a great light situation.

I had loaded my bicycle into the back of the truck the night before figuring it would expedite my travel to the edge of the water. It’s a downhill slope to get to the parking lot but I hadn’t gone more than 100 yards when all of a sudden, POW! the front tire on the bike blew. I had just replaced the inner tube the day before, guess I got the wrong size or a cheap one.

I walked the rest of the way and was glad I hadn’t decided to go to the further lot, I would not have made it in time to photograph the sun breaking the horizon. For anyone familiar with Reid State Park this photo was taken by the bridge that goes to one of the parking lots. The tide was going out and a few hours earlier this rock would’ve been underwater.


I drove to Reid State Park this morning to photograph the sunrise. Originally I was taking pictures of this interesting cloud formation with just my wide angle lens. Then I decided to try a panoramic. This is a compilation of four different images which I merged together in Photoshop. This is the first time I’ve tried this technique, I’ll be using it again in the future. Click on the photo to see it larger.

On my drive up to Lubec last month I noticed this snapper on the side of the road. It turned out to be a female getting ready to lay eggs. The third image shows how close to the road she was.

I went and photographed loons again this morning which I think may be my final time this year. I got a series of shots of a loon preening but overall the photos look pretty much the same as the last two weeks.  I’ll get an earlier start in the season next year. I didn’t see any adults with young and if I start earlier next year I may be able to get some courtship behavior.

On the drive home I passed this batch of chicory and I liked the way it was back lit by the morning sun so I pulled the truck over and took a few photos. It may not be a calendar worthy photo but it appeals to me because it says “summer.”

Obviously this is not a perfect head shot but I wanted to show how some loons are tolerant and get pretty close.There were two that were swimming toward me so I just let the kayak drift while I had my lens pointed at them. They got closer and closer and we ended up having a slow speed collision and my kayak bumped one. The one I bumped did that loon dance thing and reared up and ran across the water flapping it’s wings and doing the crazy loon call. I thought that was something they only do when courting but I guess they do it too when they’re irked.

Like with the puffins, after photographing the same subject for a while I tend to look for more behavioral type shots. The first image shows how loons fish, they stick their head in the water and just cruise along searching for a fish.

I was panning with my lens waiting for this loon to bring it’s head up so I could catch the water dripping off the bill. I have some images where there is more water dripping but the overall shot wasn’t sharp, this was the sharpest of the batch. None of the loons I watched doing this came up with a meal. My next challenge will be getting a photo of a loon with a fish in its bill.

I went out again this morning to Woodbury Pond and photographed loons. I’ve included a photo that shows a different perspective. It was stretching it’s wings and I got it from behind in mid-flap.