All posts for the month June, 2011

I went kayaking on Sabattus River earlier this month and here is one of the photos I took. I saw a few turtles but this is the only one that stuck around long enough for me to get a photograph. All of them would slip into the water when I got within 50 feet. This one let me get to within 15 feet, but it too only let me take a few photos, before it dropped off the log and went below the surface.

Waiting For Prey

I found this crab spider on one of my bearded irises this past weekend. These spiders have the ability to change from yellow to white. If it’s on a white or yellow blossom they’re well camoflaged but being on a purple fower it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Here are some pink forget-me-nots I have growing in the back yard. The wild and garden flowers are blooming in full force everywhere right now, I love this time of year. It seems as every week goes by; there are new subjects to photograph.

We had a lot of rain earlier this spring, not only did it make for a cold dreary season, it set up the perfect conditions for a bumper crop of mosquitos. You can’t step outside without be swarmed. Unless you have repellent on it can be pretty miserable swatting the annoying critters away. Luckily I had repellent on when I was photographing the ladyslippers so they stayed away from me. This particular individual decided to sit on the flower to wait for the next Offless victim to come along.

This photo was taken on Memorial day, originally I had planned on going kayaking but had the oppurtunity to photograph a bunch of ladyslippers instead.  I have all summer to kayak but the ladyslippers won’t be around too much longer. The ladyslipper is a somewhat rare orchid but there were quite few in this particular area.