I went out last night attempting to photograph the northern lights and this is what I got. The forecast was saying the chances were good to see the borealis this far south. This is facing north and the milky way goes through the center of the image, the milky way center is behind me. I’m pretty sure the light swirls above the trees are clouds but the angled light area in the upper right hand corner could be the aurora. Underwhelming really. I took a bunch of photos and this is the only one with that light spot on the upper right. Fort Kent in far northern Maine would’ve been the place to be to get some good images. If you look closely at the right center of the image, just above the clouds, you can see the Andromeda galaxy.

I recently took a trip north to camp in my van for a night. The autumn colors were almost at peak. Even though I didn’t take any photographs because the weather conditions didn’t quite cooperate, I did manage to shoot some video footage. I did put together a Youtube video that can be checked out by clicking here.

I just spent some time in northern Maine on the north edge of Moosehead Lake. I camped out of my van which I recently bought just for that purpose. I stayed in a place called Seboomook Wilderness Campground, it had some amenities but internet was not one of them and I must say I enjoyed it. Being that far north, light pollution is almost non-existent so it’s an ideal location for astrophotography. This photo was taken near the boat launch where the campgrounds canoes are stored, the sky wasn’t completely clear but at least it wasn’t overcast.

4-24-17 Bluebird

This past Monday a bluebird was checking out a nest box I set out specifically to attract bluebirds. Now I’m hoping they actually use it to raise some young so I can get better photographs. They checked it out last year but chose not to utilize it. When a pair of chickadees started building a nest in the box, the bluebirds chased them off and the house remained empty.