Here’s another photo I neglected to post last summer. I had to turn off the comments feature, I really enjoy legitmate comments but I’m getting hundreds of spam postings every week and I just can’t figure out how to prevent it.

Last month I found a group of asters growing next to a winterberry bush. Asters close at night and most days, by the time they open in this location, the bright sun is shining on them. I don’t like photographing flowers in the sunshine so I waited till the conditions were bright overcast and less contrasty.

Stiff Asters

Last week I took a walk into the small field out back looking for flowers to photograph and I found some stiff asters growing in some moss. I thought the nice green of the moss made for a nice simple backdrop for the aster blossoms.

I mentioned in the last post that I went to the river to photograph flowers. Here is one of the photos I took. It was very foggy the evening before so everything was heavily covered with dew.

I went and photographed loons again this morning which I think may be my final time this year. I got a series of shots of a loon preening but overall the photos look pretty much the same as the last two weeks.  I’ll get an earlier start in the season next year. I didn’t see any adults with young and if I start earlier next year I may be able to get some courtship behavior.

On the drive home I passed this batch of chicory and I liked the way it was back lit by the morning sun so I pulled the truck over and took a few photos. It may not be a calendar worthy photo but it appeals to me because it says “summer.”