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I mentioned in the last puffin post that on the second day the boat didn’t leave for Machias Seal Island until early afternoon, I had to check out of the motel by 10 AM so I had some time to kill. I decided to drive up to Lubec, I remember going up there in the 80’s and there being a lighthouse to photograph. Turns out the lighthouse is in Canada and back then you could just drive across the bridge from the American side over to Canada. Well times have changed and it’s not so easy to just drive across the bridge, a passport is needed which I don’t have so Lubec was the farthest east I was going.

It was sunny but Johnson Bay was covered in fog so I decided to photograph the lobster boats anchored in the bay. After a while the fog burned off and the sky was flat so I put my camera away. I was wondering what to do next when a fellow photographer that I had met earlier in the week showed up. We ended up shooting the breeze for some time and while we were chatting he noticed an eagle land in a tree across the bay. It sat there for a while and at one point we looked up and the eagle decided to leave his perch on the tree and land on the back of one of the lobster boats.

Needless to say, I took my camera back out. At first I zoomed in and got closer shots but then thought it would be more interesting to include the whole boat. The first photo shows the eagle just checking out the surroundings. Being done with that it decided to head back to the island where it had started from. The second photo shows it as it was taking off from the boat. The buildings you see in the background is the town of Eastport.

I hadn’t photographed loons in a few years so this morning I went to the Tacoma Lakes area with my kayak and was not disappointed.

These photos were taken on Woodbury Pond. There’s a lot of boat traffic during the day so these loons allow a close approach, they’re used to motorized watercraft so they’re not bothered at all by a kayak. There were a total of nine and a few times they would dive underwater looking for fish and pop up right next to the kayak. I was on the pond at 5 AM for sunrise so I had the whole lake to myself, the way I like it, just the loons and me.