12-25-13 Winterberries in Ice


Here’s a photo I took after last weeks ice storm. Also this is the first time I tried using photo stacking. I took four different photos at different focus points and blended them together in Photoshop. The advantage of this is it increases depth of field. I took this on Christmas day and it was a little breezy so I used a fast shutter speed to stop the movement of the berries but that gave me a shallow depth of field. All the berries would not have been in focus, combining the four images took care of the problem. There are many tutorials on Youtube that explain how to do this technique.

2014 Calendar Cover


I am now taking orders for my 2014 Maine Nature Calendar.  It features photos of various Maine wildlife and landscapes. The cost  this year will be 12 dollars, same as last year. If you’re interested send me an e-mail to reserve a copy. If it needs to be shipped, add $3.50 shipping fee.

10-16-13 Milkweed Seed on BES


I finally got a chance to go out and do some photography the other day. I took a walk in the back forty and found this late blooming black eyed susan. Even though they usually bloom in July and August I’ve found if an area is shaded they bloom a lot later. That’s the case where I took this photo, the area is in the shade most of the day. The area also has a ton of milkweeds and all the seed pods are bursting open and releasing their seeds, this seed happened to be caught on the flower blossom.